What We Do

BillyGuard is a free service that enables people to take action against bully’s to stop them.

We assist people of all ages who are being bullied, harassed, threatened, or intimidated via technology (Internet or phones), to start a process to stop the bullying.

We address bullying at the source. Using BillyGuard ensures that there are consequences for inappropriate behaviors.

The most important aspect of our service is the global database of bully’s that we compile and maintain. Once you register a complaint it starts a series of actions which will verify a bullies identity and the platform/s they are using. It then starts a course of action that ensures there are consequences for a bully’s behavior.
BillyGuard’s database is searchable by technology providers around the world. These providers may check against the database when making a decision to accept a new user registration for their service or not. If someone is listed on the database it may affect their ability to create an account or use a service/platform in the future – much the same way as a credit check is carried out.